Suki Kinari Hydroelectric Plant
SK Hydro engaged AQUALOGUS to carry out studies related to the Suki Kinari Hydroelectric Plant, located in the Himalayas, Pakistan, which is financed by the World Bank. It is one of the largest HPP in that country, with an installed capacity of 894 MW, and includes major underground works.
Modeling of Flood Forecasting in Areas of Significant Potential Flood Risk (ARPSI)
The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) has awarded AQUALOGUS the Modeling of Flood Forecasting in Areas of Significant Potential Flood Risk (ARPSI). 47 areas with frequent river floods and 16 sensitive coastal areas will be studied. The objective is to identify areas of higher potential risk in order to adopt actions minimizing this type of natural disaster.
Balakot hydropower scheme in Pakistan
AQUALOGUS is developing the Balakot hydropower scheme Project in Pakistan for the Asian Development Bank. The scheme will include a 60 m high concrete dam and will have an installed capacity of 300 MW, corresponding to an estimated investment of US $ 645 million.
H2PORTO - Technological Platform for the Urban Water Cycle
H2PORTO - Technological Platform for the Urban Water Cycle, developed by a Consortium led by AQUALOGUS for the municipal company Águas do Porto, was recently granted the prize for Best Digital Strategic Tools, under the Portugal Digital Awards.
OMeGA - Optimization of Reservoirs Water Management
AQUALOGUS is part of project OMeGA - Optimization of Reservoirs Water Management, which intends to make an important contribution to the management of reservoirs in irrigation perimeters, helping to better deal with a resource that is increasingly scarce. The project is coordinated by MARETEC - IST, encompassing four other partners.
Good Reputation Recognized for R&D Activities
A joint dispatch of the Portuguese Ministries of Science, Technology and Higher Education, and of Economy, has recognized the good reputation of AQUALOGUS to conduct Research and Development (R&D) in most of its activity domains. The present accreditation recognizes the company's work in Research and Development.
Fish-passageways infrastructures in the Mondego River
AQUALOGUS has finished, for Mora’s Fluvarium and University of Évora, the design and the works supervision of the fish-passageways infrastructures for six weirs in the Mondego River. One of the weirs is located downstream of the Coimbra mobile dam, and the other five are located in the river sector between the Raiva dam and the Coimbra mobile dam.
Development of Flood Hazard Maps and Flood Risk Maps for Portuguese Mainland
AQUALOGUS has recently completed the studies concerning the development of flood hazard maps and flood risk maps for 22 critical areas in Portugal (mainland). These maps were produced under a contract established with the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), thus giving response to the established in the Directive 2007/60/EC on the assessment and management of flood risks.
AQUALOGUS is part of one of the four winning bids for LIFE+ projects granted in Portugal
AQUALOGUS integrates a consortium of Portuguese entities (including LPN – an Environmental NGO, ICNF – Portuguese Nature Conservation Authority and University of Évora) which project entitled "Saramugo Conservation in the Guadiana Basin (Portugal)" was approved for a LIFE+ grant. The project will have four years duration and will be funded 50 % by the European Union.
Fish Transfer System for Foz Tua Hydropower Scheme
AQUALOGUS is performing for EDP (a Portuguese Electricity Company) the Ecological Follow-up of Aquatic Ecosystems of Foz Tua Hydropower Scheme which, among the several studies included, comprehend the evaluation of biologically effective and economically feasible alternatives for fish transposing on large dams, aimed at ensuring river longitudinal continuity for fish communities.
Zletovica project on the move
Aqualogus is part of an international consortium that is developing phases 2 and 3 of the Zletovica Multipurpose Project, located in the Macedonian Republic eastern region. The project has its water source in the Knezevo dam. Phase 2 and 3 includes the development of the irrigation infrastructure and the hydropower production through a group of small plants.
Eradication of exotic fish species in two reservoirs located in Tapada de Monserrate
AQUALOGUS has conducted, for Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua (PSML), an eradication programme for exotic fish species in two reservoirs of Tapada de Monserrate, Sintra (Portugal). These reservoirs are both located in the Protected Area of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park (PNSC). This environmental protection programme was held in articulation with PSML and PNSC technicians.
Reconstruction and Regularization of São João River - Madeira’s island.
Following the torrential floods and landslides, consequence of the February 2010 storm, AQUALOGUS has developed, for the Social Equipment Regional Office of Madeira region, the Project of the Reconstruction and Regularisation of São João River in Funchal, aiming to minimize the damage of future floods.
Odelouca Dam
It was recently inaugurated Odelouca Dam, which will ensure reliable supply of water to the western Algarve.
Pessegueiro Dam
The dam, designed by AQUALOGUS, is located in the district of Faro, northwest of the Pessegueiro town.
The Canedo Hydropower was awarded with the "Small Hydro Award", the prestigious magazine" International Water Power and Dam Construction
The Canedo Hydropower was awarded with the "Small Hydro Award", the prestigious magazine "International Water Power and Dam Construction".Read here full article.