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Management of Quality, Environment and Safety

AQUALOGUS Integrated Management System of Quality, Environment and Safety (SGI) comprises an essential step towards the development and consolidation of a Culture of Excellence, directed to the continuous improvement of services rendered, working conditions and environmental performance.

The pursuit of AQUALOGUS Integrated Management Policy integrates the following commitments by the Board:

  • Use of the most adequate production means – both human and material – bearing in mind that services rendered must attain high quality standards
  • Inclusion in the company activity of concerns and criteria on pollution prevention
  • Elimination of dangers and the reduction of health and safety risks in the organization, providing safe and healthy conditions of work that ensure injury and health disorder prevention
  • Compliance with the legal prerequisites and applicable norms regarding the technical, environmental and health and safety at work issues
  • Compliance with good practices in measurements and tests and ensure their quality in the results provided to the customer
  • Enquire and participation of workers
  • Ensure that all staff are familiar with the SGI documentation applying the policies and procedures in their work
  • Compliance with the requirements of the SGI and continuous improvement of the corresponding efficiency.

The referred Policy must allow for the attainment of the following strategic goals:

  • Client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Public acknowledgement of the company's abilities
  • Return on the investments
  • Continuous training and development of the workforce
  • Contribution towards environmental sustainability
  • Safety of people and goods.

The monitoring of the effectiveness of the established policy is carried out based on the analysis of the evolution of the System Data, in the context of SGI Revision activities by the Board.

The AQUALOGUS - Engenharia e Ambiente, Lda. SGI supports all the company’s activity and is certified according to the NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 and NP ISO 45001.