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OMeGA - Optimization of Reservoirs Water Management

AQUALOGUS is part of project OMeGA - Optimization of Reservoirs Water Management, which intends to make an important contribution to the management of reservoirs in irrigation perimeters, helping to better deal with a resource that is increasingly scarce. The project is coordinated by MARETEC - IST, encompassing four other partners.

The OMeGA project is funded by PDR2020 and aims to develop an innovative operational tool that will provide users with information on water quantity and quality in reservoirs, meteorological forecasts, inflows and water consumption, volumes needed for ecological flows maintenance as well as recommendations to support managers on decision-making.

This tool may become crucial at a time when volumes stored in hydro-reservoirs are reduced as a result of the drought periods that have occurred.

AQUALOGUS, 2018-03-05